Mary Rafferty- Consensus Mediation

Nurture Positive Relationships And Master Difficult Conversations

Workshops, Coaching and Mediation for Leaders and Managers

Managing people is demanding, isn’t it?

You have to deliver on goals and targets, and provide a quality service or product. And what’s more… you have a responsibility to your team – to support, develop and motivate them so they can contribute and feel valued.

Keeping up team morale is tricky when the behaviour of your team members, peers or bosses is unhelpful, or even disruptive.

How can you say what needs to be said without undermining working relationships?

How can you get a resistant team member back on board?

How can you stop a colleague sabotaging your efforts?

I help you navigate office politics and restore fractured relationships, so you (and your team!) feel happier at work, and so your work energizes rather than deflates you.

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