Support Contact Persons

St Angela’s College of Education, Sligo launched their Dignity and Respect Policy today and at a small ceremony in the beautiful venue which overlooks Lough Gill, I presented Certificates to the Support Contact Persons whom I had trained in April. As part of an anti- bullying and harassment policy, Support Contact Persons can play a pivotal role in supporting and empowering people who feel upset or undermined by the behaviour of another. By providing a listening ear and asking empowering questions they can help someone think and work through a situation in a constructive way that focuses on resolution rather than who is right or wrong. In another organisation where I did a review of the implementation of the Dignity at Work policy we found that Support Contact Persons were able to help people deal with a situation at an early stage and avoid complaints getting to the stage where formal investigation or even mediation were necessary. One thing I would strongly recommend is that ideally, one or two Support Contact Persons on every panel should be trained in conflict coaching – training upcoming with Cinnie Noble in later in November