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Do certain people at work really frustrate you?

Do you find yourself walking on eggshells around them?
Feel beaten down by their constant negativity?

Perhaps you’d like to give them a piece of your mind. Get through to them. Make them listen. But it feels like an impossible task.
These kind of behaviours drain your energy, take your time and attention away from more important work.

Whether you are grappling with office politics or trying to engage an unco-operative employee, I help you navigate a workable path through the fog of unreasonableness.

POISE NOW - 8 Steps for Winning ConversationsStart by downloading my free ebook ‘POISE NOW: 8 Steps to Winning Conversations’.
Ten years of mediating, coaching and training has given me insights into what it takes to confront without being confrontational.

POISE NOW gives you an overview of all the important elements of change-making conversation.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get clarity on both the what and how of communicating unpalatable messages
  • Enhance your confidence and clarity – no more second-guessing yourself afterwards
  • Harness your composure to keep you calm and in control

Work with Mary Rafferty

Would you like to:

  • Turn difficult conversations into positive experiences?
  • Nurture supportive relationships at work?
  • Confront office politics and undermining behaviour?
  • Not take stuff personally

As a coach and mediator I believe we have a choice in how we deal with difficult people in the workplace.
We can either let it stress us out and take all our power away and be its victim. Or we can choose to be tenacious and figure out how to make things work.
We can push ourselves out of our comfort zone.
Have our thinking challenged, and take a hard look at ourselves.
Are you open to change? Are you willing to adopt an optimistic mindset?
I help you become a confident and skilled communicator. I help you enrich your working relationships.
Contact me at mary@consensusmediation.ie or check out my Coaching/Workshops page

You can also find me on Legal Island’s website where I write a regular feature article:

I haven’t lived in an ivory tower and I don’t think this ‘conflict’ stuff is a walk in the park.
I’ve worked at the coalface of child protection social work. I’ve had many difficult conversations with unhappy and angry parents.
So, I’ve ‘been there and done that’ when it comes to dealing with aggression, animosity and lack of co-operation.
In my free time, I practise Taoist Tai Chi, cycle the scenic roads of Co Leitrim or hang out with my family – two teenage daughters (great practice in difficult conversations!) and husband.