“After 35 years, I thought I’d got all the courses; this one has had a huge impact on me. As a Senior Business Partner in HR after being a line manager for 35 years, my inherited tendency was to “solutionise”. This course with Mary Rafferty showed us how to get to get to heart of problems by using the mediation process. Others have noticed and so have I –  subtle but necessary changes. I would recommend this programme to any manager – in the line or not. It will arm you with tools where staff will see your targets as theirs and it will extend the range of your success”

“Mary worked with the Senior management team to explain the dynamics of conflict. Through individual online assessments and classroom training, she enabled each person to find out more about their own triggers and how same could have an impact in their communication style.
One year later the team still remember the key points of the training that Mary delivered so professionally and succinctly”

“The patience displayed and encouragement continually offered throughout was most welcome as was clearly the course content so well delivered. It will be of huge value to me in my legal work. Many thanks again-a really informative, beneficial and interesting 6 days”

“Mary was a fantastic trainer with a huge knowledge and a wealth of hands on experience. Role plays were a core part of the training and I got individual coaching and mentoring following each role play. I would highly recommend this course, I gained valuable skills that I can use in both my professional and personal life”

“In managing conflict at work, we need a full quiver of approaches, tools and interventions. This course teaches you a really empowering way of assisting people by resourcing them to fully explore situations for themselves and consider the solutions that may work”

“Mary has an easy facilitative style, engaged participants while providing all required knowledge. Excellent use of role play along with practical application of skills and knowledge, really good facilitation skills from Mary”

“Mary’s style of delivery was intelligent, professional with a lovely dash of humour, I would recommend this course wholeheartedly. All was excellent, informative and thoroughly enjoyable”

“The whole situation was dealt with in a professional way and I would feel very confident in recommending this mediator. The mediator has a good ability to remain neutral and to have a great understanding that people are very much individuals”

“Mary delivered Mediation Skills for manager training to Leitrim CEB clients on a number of occasions with very positive results, the feedback from participants was great and I always found Mary very professional in all dealings.”

“Mary has been working as an associate with Carecall since 2006 and in that time led many complex projects, often dealing with organisational conflict at a senior level. She has successfully resolved many difficult interpersonal situations, found compromise and restored harmony in fractured teams. Her experience in training HR and line managers to recognise early warning signs, understand legislation, and duty of care and where necessary provide one to one coaching support for senior managers wary of dealing with conflict has underpinned many preventative strategies”

“Mary Rafferty worked with the whole staff of the school on the subject of conflict resolution over a number of sessions. It was found to be extremely beneficial by all staff members. The school staff was delighted with the programme. Mary was a marvellous and capable facilitator. She led and guided discussions that were interesting and enjoyable. The content was delivered clearly and concisely. I would highly recommend this worthwhile course to others”

“I found the Conflict Management Coaching Course an extremely enjoyable, worthwhile 4 days. I developed skills that can be used in the workplace and life. Mary was  extremely credible and I felt could learn nuggets from every conversation with her.”