Turbo-Boost Your People-Management Skills…and Gain a Professional Qualification in Mediation

Certified Mediation Training for Leaders, Managers and HR Managers

Wish you had mediation training?Mediation Training
Managing people isn’t easy. Everyone is different. They have differing points of view.
What suits one doesn’t work for the other. What motivates one, is a problem for another.
Whether it’s furrowed brows, sighing, eyes-to-heaven in a meeting, to having to calm down angry outbursts and get people to see some sense, your people-skills are stretched to breaking point at times.
And it’s frustrating, tiring, stressful.

You want to get things done. You want to be able to make and implement decisions. But working collaboratively and bringing people on board is also important to you. You don’t just want lip-service and surface compliance and nodding dogs. But neither do you want to have to argue every single point and deal with constant resistance.

Mediation training can arm you, not just with the skillset, but with the mindset and grounding you need, to resolve conflict with ease and confidence.

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You will learn about:

– Mediation: definition and key principles
– Role of the Mediator
– Mediation Process
– Mediator “Presence”
– The “Conflict Iceberg” and 3 key mediation skills
– Features/Benefits of Mediation
– Professional mediation training – overview and certification
– Practicing as a Mediator