One-to-one Coaching: Time Out for You – Reflect, Reset, Re-energise

Would Coaching help?

Feel at times that you are so busy doing and reacting that there’s no time to work on the bigger goals?

Get drained and frustrated with  some of the  challenging people-management aspects of your role?

Find you get caught up in old habits of perfectionistic or self-critical rumination?

Wish you had time and space to take a step back and recalibrate in your role as manager or leader?

Managing and leading a team or organisation is demanding and challenging. You have overall responsiblity for the myriad of projects, tasks and services your team or organistion provide. But you also have to ensure you support your team of people and bring them with you – motivate, energise…And some of them are not as on board as you might like.

This is where one-to-one executive coaching can come in.

Over time these challenges for the leadership role build up…whether it’s

  • endless to-do lists and deadlines
  • lack of resources
  • push back from other departments/agencies
  • resistance to changes you are trying to implement
  • Covid-19 and trying to manage people remotely…

These frustrations slowly start to eat into your energy levels, motivation and perhaps the passion or enthusiasm that got you into this role in the first place.

Executive Coaching is a space for you to take a breather from the cut-and-thrust of everyday managing and leading. It’s a chance to take a long (and maybe hard!) look at the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ of your role.