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You can download the free eBook ‘POISE NOW’ over on the right hand side.

This guide teaches you 8 key stages and what to look out for in each stage, so you can maximise the chances of success in managing a potentially contentious conversation. Each stage flags a key aspect of a ’difficult conversation’ to reflect on and prepare for.

There is an Infographic on page 4 that gives you an overview of all the stages.

Then each stage is explained in detail with suggested action points.

Finally, on pages 31 and 32 you will find a blank template that you can use to plan your upcoming ‘difficult conversation’.

To download your copy, just right click on the image or the link below and select the option to save link as or save target as.

Download ‘POISE NOW 8 Steps to Win Win Conversations’ 

As the guide is tailor-made to help you ‘walk through’ a potentially trick conversation, it’s a good idea to have some situation in mind as you are reading it. You should also check out pages 33 and 34 which focus on your ‘mindset’ and how make sure that you are mentally prepared …always an important place to begin in any ‘difficult’ interactions.


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