Some of our most-read blogs and useful information sheets:

For Managers:

Transforming Negative Feedback
Managing ‘Difficult’ Behaviour – Are You Walking on Eggshells?
Bringing Out the Best in People: A Social Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective Part 1 & Part 2
Leaders – Build Your Conflict Competency! Breakdown of Key Skills and Competencies for Optimal Leadership and Management

Feeling Stressed Out With a Difficult Relationship or Conflict Situation:

Change how you think about a conflict or difficult situation
Conversation gets a bit rocky? Switch to a ‘meta’-conversation
Constructive Conflict: Are You an ‘I’ Statement or a ‘You’ Statement Person?
Guide to Participating in Mediation – Detailed overview of the process of mediation, how it works and how to ensure you participate effectively
Preparing for Mediation – Worthwhile reading before attending a pre-mediation meeting, lots of food for thought plus some questions to keep you focused for the initial meeting with the Mediator.
How Ready Are You to Participate in Mediation? A short questionnaire to help you assess your level of readiness to engage in a mediation process.


Conflict Management Coaching – A Unique Intervention to Transform Conflict– First published in Mediation Digest, October, 2011
Workplace Conflict – a Hidden Expense(First published in Business First Magazine, Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce – Vol 3, Issue 2)

IBECConflict in the Workplace– Is it costing you more than you might think? (First published in IBEC newsletter North West Business Focus, Spring 2007)
Irish Veterinary JournalBullying and harassment in the workplace (First published in Irish Veterinary Journal, Vol 60, No. 11)
Irish Veterinary Journal 2Building positive workplace relationships and teams (First published in Irish Veterinary Journal, Vol 60,
No. 1